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Bimbo Cursor Paradise, 2022


Bimbo Cursor Paradise is a spoken, tactile performance in between the digital and physical realm. The artist’s body is staged physically and recorded on a computer’s screen where the audience has the power to stroke it and move the cursor as they please. Whilst reading a text written in conversation with her own predictive keyboard, the artist and her algorithm narrate what it’s like to be a female body on the internet, what it’s like to navigate a realm made to extract, censor, eat you. Bimbo Cursor Paradise reminds bodies to reclaim their presence and agency in the digital realm.

Bimbo Cursor Paradise, Performance and text, 2022

Screenshot 2022-03-27 at 20.57.53.png

Bimbo Cursor Paradise, Video, 6''47'

Bimbo Cursor Paradise, Video, 6''47'

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