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Secrets to sell your design services, 2022


Secrets to sell your desig services, Drop City, Milano Design Week 2022

Design exists because of a very elemental human need to satisfy a certain desire for beauty, a lust for forms, a pleasure derived from owning. Design fairs like Salone del Mobile, become places where designers sell themselves more than their objects, since objects alone are not enough anymore for the voracious audience. They are used to selling parts of their corporeal identity such as specialized crafts, unique techniques, and the overall invisible physical choreography of labor behind their projects. The deepest desire of the designer becomes the one to be owned, to be bought just like its objects. The designers' financial dream is represented by the buyer, who expresses the complementary desire to own, to buy. The designer and the buyer, then enter in a waltz of negotiating ownership.


Secrets to selling your design services is an interactive performance demonstrating the seducing aspects of buying and selling design services. Design duo Xsenofemme  (Ginevra Petrozzi, Ines Borovac) invited the audience to join them in a live negotiation process, which resulted in the signing of a contract, and the formalization of a sale. 

The portfolio and CV of the artists was tattooed on them, to seduce curators and collectors in the sale during the performance, but also during the many public events of Milano design Week.

The project was shown during Milano Design Week 2022, within Drop City, a new center for architecture and design in Milano, in Tunnel 50.

Commissioned by Andrea Caputo & Angela Rui.

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