Wear a Mask When You Talk To Me, 2020

Wear a Mask When You Talk To Me, 2020


It's okay. You are safe here. You can

remove your mask.

Still from video, 2020

Wear a mask when you talk to me is the product of a group collaboration between masters’ departments at Design Academy Eindhoven. Together with my group, we looked into the cultural, social and systemic role of face masks. The project was developed in isolation, du-ring the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The final project resulted in a speculation on the use of masks in a near-future post-pandemic world. After the normalization of masks, will they become part of our own public identity? What new rituals will appear in the shift between public and private? “Wear a mask when you talk to me” is a space between the physical and the digital, in which removing face mask is a therapeutic act, guided by ASMR whispered sounds. What will the relationship with our un-masked self be?

Project developed in collaboration with Ned Kaar and Doi De Luise.

Stills from video, 2020