Funeral for Digital Data, Performance and installation, ArtVerona (IT), 2022


Prophetai, Workshop for Beyond Binaries residency, Erinni Cultural Association, Rome (IT), 2022


Secrets to sell your design services, Drop City, Milano Design Week 2022

210624 - DAE GS 2021 - DAY 110014-TIFF Adobe RGB (1998) (8bit)-JPEG sRGB 1600px web.jpg

Digital Esoterism, Performance and Installation, Design Academy Eindhoven, (NL), 2021


Bimbo Cursor Paradise, Performance and text, WORM Rotterdam (NL), 2022

Meta-Talismans, 3D Objects, 2021

Digital Esoterism or To be a witch in the age of Surveillance Capitalism, Thesis, 2021

Knows too much, Workshop and installation, Mu Hybrid Art House, 2021

Salone Reports and Readings, ENTER_Milan for Het Nieuwe Instituut, Milano Design Week, 2021

Screenshot 2022-02-08 125456.png

Wear a mask when you talk to me, 2020

Screenshot 2021-11-11 165122.png

Pedagogies of the Sea, The Ocean Archive, 2020


The first church on Earth, Performance, Eindhoven (NL), 2019