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Protection spell, 2020

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Here in the Netherlands people are still afraid to use a mask. I go to the supermarket and people make a big circle around me to avoid me.
Masks have a huge cultural and religious meaning other than their functionality. They are not used in the same way in every context.
I made this mask as a one-day exercise, for an assignment. Far from being completely functional is an attempt to mix the various meaning a mask can have. Protection is also metaphorical and symbolic. Protection is the psychological shield we create towards the unknown. Protection is even just the feeling of being protected. I used necklaces and earrings, the only materials I had at home. The same objects that my mother gave to me as luck charms. And if you are reading up to here, I hope you are safe and feeling protected
.” - April, 2020

Gold chains, thread, satin textile, 2020

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