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Pedagogies of the Sea, 2020

The project was developed during the Pedagogies of the Sea class, led by Angela Rui and in collaboration with The Ocean Archive.

Phytoplankton is a natural infographic tool. Either communicating defensiveness, raise of temperatures, simply showing the state of key environments. In the history of mankind, these signals have been evaluated again and again as magical and divine signs. 
The spread of myths and legend started with the word, oral tradition allowed narrations to arrive everywhere and change a little bit every time, becoming autonomous, local version of the original one. In our modern communication-based society, information is spread a million times faster, becoming the main source of knowledge.

Fake news will narrate, as a modern tale-teller, Phytoplankton’s story. A clickbait that keeps in account just the message that needs to reach more mouths as possible, giving back visibility and voice to Phytoplankton’s multifaceted, essential role. Its essence, as being the mediator between Ocean and humans, communicating the state and changes of water, needs to be acknowledged and emphasized.
Can our over-informative ultra-fast mythology have a positive impact in bringing attention to something that is invisible?

Project developed in collaboration with Ines Borovac and Rebecca Schedler.

Pedagogies of the Sea, Video (2020), 8:02’’

Pedagogies of the Sea, Video (2020), 8:02’’

video finalo con beamer e sottotitolato_Moment.jpg
video finalo con beamer e sottotitolato_Moment 4.jpg
video finalo con beamer e sottotitolato_Moment 8.jpg
video finalo con beamer e sottotitolato_Moment 5.jpg

Video projection and performance, Phytoplankton, 2020

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