The sex appeal of the inorganic, 2018

We wear clothes, our skin is another layer of clothes, our organs are wrapped in cloths. Objects our around us, inside of us. They transport us in a world of suspended sensuality in which pleasure is not sexual, but gives us emotions nonetheless.

The sex appeal of the inorganic is an audio installation  I made in Milan in 2018 that envolved binaural ASMR sounds. The visitor is guided by the 360° sounds into the words of Mario Perniola’s “The sex appeal of the inorganic”, an essay that narrates the world of fetishes and objects’ sensuous life.

Barbara Kruger - Untitled (You are seduced by the sex appeal of the inorganic), 1982

Mario Perniola, The sex appeal of the inorganic

The sex appeal of the inorganic, Mare Culturale Urbano, Milano (IT), 2018

Sketches from the project development